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  • Super Charger! ... 8372QQrdZ1

    just thought id post it up for you guys!

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    Isn't that guy an asshole or something. (the seller)


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      you'd have to cut your hood to make it fit... though i have always been a sucker for the shaker hoods.
      Funny stories!


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        yeah, danny and angel did piss some people off in the past. i think they are generaly ok, can`t please all the people all the time

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        good thing....


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          100% feedback on ebay, so what's that based off?


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            300zxt wrote: 100% feedback on ebay, so what's that based off?
            big fiasco on awhile back... it seems that most have put it behind them though.
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              i think thats a pretty neat supercharger, while most would rather go NA to Turbo for their cars in a jetboat it would make a good setup where low end torque is important

              Start with a 9:1 compression vg33 add meth injection add the 0supercharger run racegas. It would go really well. and not have all that weight of a smallblock chev
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                Never heard of those people and theirfor don't have anything good or bad to say about them.

                Those Supercharges are bloody unimpressive IMHO and they're to big. A VG34E build with great cams and full exhaust will produce the same ammount of Torque as a Supercharged VG33ER with a slighty better powerband on the VG34E and the NA engine will get MUCH better fuel economy then the supercharged one. Nissan did a disservice to everyone with such small cams in the VG30E and especially the 33E!

                Lots of Nissan truck guys are patiently waiting for L&P Performance to come out with their superchager kits for the VG engine. They seem like really good people and I hope they get around to it. Apparently their kits wont come with an actual supercharger but will be designed for a Vortech core that can be found easily on feebay.

                Voretech supercharges are nice for many appolication(a Supercharged RB would be nice for more engine longevity) but I love the Screws type that are quite expensive and rare but just plain bad ass(full boost from begining to end.hehe).

                Allot of Supercharger *haters* will talk about sparatic loses with superchargers but they're allot of fun when applied properly(like anything). I just love the turbos!

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