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flow testing/cleaning stock injectors

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  • flow testing/cleaning stock injectors

    has anyone had thier stock injectors cleaned and flow tested....?

    I know that it is thrown around that the Turbo's use a 259cc injector.

    *I'm just curious what the results were when/if someone did this actually and at what psi fuel pressure were they tested at.
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    i've used witch hunter performance and rc performance. both i had great results with.

    i personally liked witch hunter the best. they replace needles, screens and all the seals. i did this on both of my toyota motors. one set of injectors on my 4 banger gave me a lot more power with my little motor and 32" tires. and then when i swapped my supra motor into my truck the injectors had sat for 10 years. i sent them off and had them rebuilt. they flowed within 3-5% of each other.

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