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Opinions and experience with Toga bearings and Valve seals?

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  • Opinions and experience with Toga bearings and Valve seals?

    Whaddup ya'll,

    I was learned here(or maybe not) when you guys said that the Toga HV oil pumps are identical to the OEM nissan specs. Maybe this is true or maybe this is net BS, I'm gonna find out for myself.

    So, anyone here have opinions(prefferably experience) of Toga bearings and seals? I know Nissan OEM is often great stuff but if the Toga gear is on par with Nissan OEM then that's what I'll get. Even with no tax and a 20% Discount the Nissan OEM parts are expensive. I'll pay for quality but I always pinch my pennies when I can. If the TOga stuff is even better then great.

    Ucked Fup!!!

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    what I can tell you is z31 and z32 use the same bearings, but for some reason nissan chose to use a softer multi-layer bearing for the z32 which has been found provides a little less friction but wears more quickly

    keep that in mind if you order the toga ones, and find out what they are and if they have seperate skus