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Alternative Turbo inlet pipe routing

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  • Alternative Turbo inlet pipe routing

    A while ago while surfing someone posted this pic for an alternative intake for a Z31. Does anyone know where this intake is from. To the best of my memory I believe it was from a Pontiac Fiero. But I do not know the year. I would like to run this setup because it leaves room for my custom intercooler piping and requires no fabrication for the stock vacuum couplings.


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    Go to and ask Gregmatic. It's his car.
    imagination is a virtue


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      :shock: POOF! :shock: Gregmatic appears..

      Yup, that's mine and it is presently for sale, cheep! It is from an 87 Fiero (only v6)) and has a special coupling on the end which adapts it to our MAF's perfectly. Hit me up with an PM if interested. I'm selling due to installing my t3/t4 hybrid soon and it won't fit the compressor housing. So please note: this will only work on a stack T3!!!! Worked very well and easy to see it will outflow that oem abomination by miles...