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Pathfinder TB clearance follow-up ...

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  • Pathfinder TB clearance follow-up ...

    I went to the junk yard AGAIN to grab the A/C compressor support bracket and belt tensioner bracket off a Pathfinder since I didn't realize that I would need it at the beginning. The results are much more managable.

    Here's the differences:
    Pathfinder LEFT; Z31 Right

    The Pathfinder bracket also doesn't use that little piece of cast iron that bolts in between the lower part of the compressor and the middle of the bracket.

    I also cut off the portion that the altenator would bolt to on the Pathfinder.

    It's also much easier to get to the valve cover screw that is normally tucked inbetween the A/C bracket and the vavle cover.

    Oh, the valve covers are being stripped and then powercoated, if your wondering. And, bigger Mercedes injectors are being cleaned, flowtested and installed. :-)
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    Good info, thanks for posting the pictures and everything. Sometimes I really wish I still had AC, and that's in Michigan. In a hotter state I don't think I could live without it.


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      Texas... I still refuse to run A/C on my projects. Even on my daily I barely use it.
      It is not recommended to confirm proper installation by driving into walls or other barriers as this could cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle.


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        im in florida (nasty damp hotness), i convinced myself that it robs power and wastes gas so i never used it so i took it out . i have problems 8)


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          yeah, the 50+ pounds are getting pulled for turbo conversion

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...