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  • colder spark plugs

    im trying to get colder plugs.. went to a couple parts stores and asked for 2 sets of plugs, one set 1 range colder and another set 2 ranges colder.. they looked at me like i was retarded.. so now im trying to find the part number i need so i can just go there and ask for that... god i hate parts stores..

    anyways, the stock plugs are ngk part number BCPR6E-11, correct? the heat range is the 6 or the 11? a colder plug is a higher number? can someone tell me the correct part number for a plug that is one range colder and a plug that is 2 ranges colder? there are a couple spark plug web sites and after spending like 30 minutes reading them i still cant get the information i need. thanks for the help

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    These are 1 range colder.
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      OH hold on I got some shit for you!

      Try this

      and hold on I'm looking for more

      OHHHH try this too! Yeah this one is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... _PLUGS.pdf

      You will find that when you try to go two ranges colder the numbers dont add up quite right. For example one range colder is BCPR7ES11 but another range colder than that in NOT BCPR8ES11. The numbers are the same but the letters change. the chart will tell you what is what though.
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        See discussion here: