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  • staring my new project

    You might want to look into making a 2 into 1 water-air unit integrated into a custom plenum that sits right on top of the lower intake. That was you would have as short of piping as possible. There are also the small tubular water-air intercoolers I've seen some cars run.

    Two T3's will probably give you a pretty laggy setup that won't make much additional power even compared to a single correctly sized hybrid. They should spool by about 4K-4.5K and have somewhere near 600hp flow potential, but the compressors are not really ideal for an effective 1.5L engine.

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    you could get a z32 intended front mount and do some modifications to it , ive seen some treadstone i/c's on ebay with excatcly the endtanks you would need ...

    to tt a z31 you would have to sacrifice the power steering system and maybe the a/c as well......

    i dont know if this will be autolinked but whatever , the setup seems simple enough he just flipped one the ex manis over had some flanges made and went from there. two gt28rs should spoolup pretty fast and still have great potential , the sr20 guys drop them in and get supercharger like response out of them out of a 2 liter so at 1.5 liters each spool up shouldnt be that bad

    wel heres the link from another z forum..


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      twin turbo

      Please don't take this wrong; but dude, don't do it.

      Twin turbo = double the parts, problems, and cost.

      You're going to have to buy two real expensive turbos (GT2X), plumb them, find space for exhaust, air filters, by-pass valves, intercooling... Then there's the engine management issue. Either you have to go standalone to use a MAP sensor, or wander the road of MAF + dummy, or dual MAF.

      In the end you get at best the same power as a good single, probably less, with more lag, and a much heavier car. Just look at the Supra / Skyline people. It's even rare for the domestic Syclone/Typhoon/GN crowd to run twins.

      Sorry about sounding so negative. I've just seen people go down the road less traveled before.
      It's RWD in reverse.


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        The whole argument for single turbos is less lag, not more. However, there is not sufficient evidence that points to two turbos being quicker than one big one. On paper, it seems they would equal out.

        However two turbos would be double the price practically, not worth it unless you just want the wow factor.

        I myself am going twin turbo on my S30 VG30E project, but I can make my own tubular manifolds, piping, exhaust, etc. And I get great deals on parts.

        If you have the money/know the right people, do it. It won't be easy though. You're pretty much going to have to go standalone, etc.. etc...
        It is not recommended to confirm proper installation by driving into walls or other barriers as this could cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle.


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          BLOZ UP wrote: However two turbos would be double the price practically, not worth it unless you just want the wow factor.
          I agree 100%. More price, more weight, more complexity and things to go wrong. The "wow" factor always strikes me also. "WOW...... why did they waste their time doing that" is what sometimes comes to mind.

          Not trying to be discouraging here. you should do the project just because you can and you want to, not because of what other people think.

          But it's true, nothing makes chicks want to get into your pants more than two big turbos under your hood.