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headwork,cam grinds and stock valve springs...

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  • headwork,cam grinds and stock valve springs...

    Hi guys how is it ?

    have read jasons FAQ + other articles floating around

    well the engine has been pulled from my parts car and the engine shop already has another pair of stock heads of mine sitting on their floor waiting for me to let them know what to do (machinist is a friend of my fathers doing me a few favours)

    I would really like a performance valve job done on stock valves jason mentions "I went for .080" exhaust and .060" intake seat size with stock valves" without going to aftermarket valves could this be improved upon much more without the risk of accelerated wear or burned valves? what does a set of ferra valves run you$$ and how do i get those outside of the USA?

    These heads are to be lightly ported or you could say having the casting marks and burrs cleaned up

    I have a set of good valve springs from a lower mileage VG i plan on having these tested and if they are up to spec i understand they are quite allright for up to the stock redline of 6500rpm ? what about with the 270-62H camgrind ?

    If upgraded valve springs are a must would you keep the double or go to a single and what seat pressre would you run?

    I don't plan on revving the engine over 5500rpm

    The plan being stock bottom end improved heads and gutted plenum installed in the car,so that when i get a bigger turbo sort the fuel delivery and get nistune i should be good for 350hp
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    Not past 5500? IS this going to be turbo?

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      my bad yes TURBO
      85 Turbo Slick Top
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        I would say with stock springs and the cam grind you are talking of you could rev to 6500 and have no problems. This is just an educated guess as I have not actually done this considering the Schneider springs are VERY cheap. less than 100 dollars so I just got those. Currently those are the best off the shelf springs you can get as far as high seat pressure goes. 110lbs
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