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oil pressure is fine.... stupid guage

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  • oil pressure is fine.... stupid guage

    so a year or so ago, a helper arced the battery positive to the plenum or something with a wrench... hitachi radio and oil sender went poof.... everything else was fine

    so late last year I installed a small autometer oil guage, when I fired it up for the first time this year I was getting 65psi on old oil

    after fixing some stuff unrelated to the oiling like exhaust gasket, cleanup, harness work, adding/removing the starter 40x etc... I went in to change the injectors, so the whole plenum came off, a little cleanup later the injectors went in, new injector clips soldered on....

    so while the top end was off I popped the driver's valvecover (note here everything after this I did to the passenger side years earlier), I removed the lifter assemblies and proceeded to remove all the caked on oil, I had a beam central vac hooked up to a 3/8 hose so I had a straw to suck up all the crust as I peeled it off, and it all came out nicely...

    once the head was clean I did the rockers and lifter block, I inspected the lifters and they all had a nice spring to them and no wear on the the cam surface, then threw it all back together, checked the rockers once in for any freeplay side to side, everything nice and tight, camshaft had no marks either

    anyway fired it up once more for a minute to warm it up, then drained the oil.... refill with cheap nugold jug...

    I started it up the next day with no difficulty, but I noticed now I wasn't getting any oil pressure reading on the guage when I was moving it around, the guage is connected to a 1/8 ethylene tube running to a 1/8 bspt adapter in the block as before...

    ok maybe the oil splashed a tiny crusty into the tube I'm thinking, so I unhooked the guage and let the oil flow freely, it dribbled out just like it did before when it said I HAD oil pressure... strange? if I was getting 65psi before it should have been shooting out the tube but it wasn't? now that I have "no pressure" it still dribbles out the same way?

    am I missing something? did I hit my head too often?

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    have you tried putting your finger on the hole to see if you can hold the pressure of oil from squirting out?

    is it possible to buy another gauge ,test it and return it :?:


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      no I can't return it, and I only have an air pressure guage I can't adapt to it without buying fittings galore

      I never tried blocking the flow with my finger


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        nono , just buy one at auto zone , i know they have autometer gauges (well atleast the ones by me do) test it and return it.....


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          well i to have accidentaly started the car with the oil psi guage not connected and it didn`t shoot, just flowed. i like to use the copper tubing kit you can get from advanced. won`t dry out and crack like plastic will eventually.

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          good thing....


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            I have my guage resting on the steering column the line comes in above the gas pedal.... it's all very temporary

            I was getting no lifter tick so obviously the lifters are getting pressure


            friend suggested I get an idiot light sensor from another car and see what happens, it should be just a pressure switch that's normally closed


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              update: tried the oil sender from the 86na in the car, and it slowly rose to like 3-4mm from the left marker (ie non-zero) but will not go higher and doesn't drop back down after the engine is off..... looks like I need a new one unless someone can spare a known good one for a few bucks

              also while I have an exhaust leak I'm not sure this is related, but doesn't always happen:

              1. start the car with the mt ecu (car is auto) and you have to push the gas for a couple seconds or it will just die, however once it runs it idles fine around 700... then slowly slowly creeps up to about 1100 and holds steady, I'm assuming this is chts related

              2. car idles away and once every 10-15 seconds or so, but not always, I hear like a short burst of *tink* sounds very mild, hard to count but I'd guess 3-5 in half a second and then nothing unusual for a while.... is this is lifter/pressure related? is it pre-igniting? ....... BUT I had it running and idling for a while (several minutes) during which it never made that sound...


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                Man, that is some strange stuff.

                My red z, (auto) if i didn't warm it up, would not go past 1800 rpm without going to some kind of fuel cut. But if i didn't drive it until it was warm, it would be fine.

                Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                  if the chts is bad.... the 87+ ecus have a bypass .... but afaik my chts is fine


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                    got another slightly banged up autometer oil guage... used some festo pneumatic hose+fittings.... 60psi at idle


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                      i told you hoser...