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Turbo Swap - Some nitpicky questions

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  • Turbo Swap - Some nitpicky questions

    Quick question (I'm not using my own machine and don't have handy access to the FSM from this one):

    I'm taking the car to my buddy's shop to start the swap within the next week. We're tearing out the AC, then swapping out/in all the other turbo bits. Here are my questions. Donor car is an '86 turbo and mine is an '86 NA.

    1. What's the best line to t- off of for the oil TO the turbo? I already have a turbo oil pan with the return lines.

    2. I just swapped my alt for a Maxima alt but left it on the driver's side. Now that I'm looking to swap over to the passenger side (I have the bracket), I notice some type of a blower in the location that the alt will fill. Which blower is this, can it be removed, and if not, what have the other na2t swappers done with it?

    3. How many hours total should this take, with impact tools, a lift, and one other person at my disposal? All guesstimates, I know, but it'd be nice to hear from someone who's actually done the swap.

    4. What gaskets do I need besides the oil pan gasket, FICD, exhaust gaskets? I don't need intake gaskets as I've already installed the turbo injectors.

    I'm starting within the next 5 days, depending on the answers to the above questions. Thanks in advance.

    1986 300zx NA

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    with a lift and everything it should be a fast job . cosidering you havent done it before and i dont know how mechanically inclined you are . i wanna say you can get it done over the weekend if you put in the time.

    i believe all vg blocks have the tap for the oil ,t checked my n/a block sitting in my garage and its there .

    you dont need any of that ficd shit . neither the egr or any pump or fume canister , i threw all that shit out of my car and it runs fine .

    what you do need is the right motor mount brackets and the crossmember . you should already know this stuff .


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      Hey man, were in LA are you?

      You should be able to do this over a weekend for sure. Took me like three days with hand tools in my front yard. And i had to do a little bit more than you did.

      Oh, and i don't know if you want to remove the smog stuff since you are in cali

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        1. there is a oil plug on the drivers side of the block of which you would tap into to feed the turbo. I'm hoping that you have the oil lines for the turbo.

        2. That blower is the fuel injector cooling fan. It's pointless and can be removed.

        3. With that type of equipment, you should be done with the swap within a weekend . . . as long as you have all the parts needed to finish the job.

        4. Do you have all the applicable turbo gaskets, to include the oil gasket, coolant gasket, and turbine housing to exhaust manifold gasket?

        You should also replace the exhaust manifold studs while your in there.
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          are you guys doing the swap without removing the motor?

          i had planned on taking a week. mostly because i was going to pull the motor and tranny and do a bunch of clean up and painting.


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            - I'm in Hollywood, CA, so I definitely can't remove the emissions stuff.

            - Thanks for the info on the blower....I always hear that damn injector fan, but never knew where the blower was, just the sensor

            - We're doing the swap without removing the motor. Worst case scenario his shop is too busy and it all gets done on jackstands. I'm trying to not have to pay for all the shop time, but they're definitely doing the clutch for me.

            - I don't have any turbo gaskets because both turbos that I have are still attached to their exhaust manifolds and I haven't taken them off...was going to re-use. Not a good idea?


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              are you talking about the manifold gaskets? if so you should replace them.

              the turbo gaskets are metal, so i don't think they would be bad to reuse.


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                I have the manifold gaskets. I'm talking about the gaskets connecting the manifold to the turbo, which haven't been disconnected so I was considering reusing.


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                  if they haven't been disconnected and are not leaking i don't see why you would need to.

                  i would replace them though just because its easier to do it now then have to pull the turbo out later. its a pretty tight fit in there.

                  did you replace the oil inlet and outlet gaskets as well?


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                    That would be a negatory. Should I add those to my next Courtesy Nissan order?