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    Well, I'm new to the Z scene, I just bought an '87 300zx N/A, and as it says above I'm looking for input. I bought the car for $250 due to a blown headgasket or head, a dented fender, and some other minor cosmetic problems. Anyway, to the point...while I've got the engine halfway apart for the HG anyway, should I go ahead and replace all the bearings and oil seals, and if the cylinders need it, a light hone and new rings?

    By the way, there is no coolant in the oil, and the engine runs, but rough. Any input, or recommendations on good quality choices for parts would be helpful.

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    The work you mentioned would probably be a good idea. Usually $ is the limiting factor but I would suggest whatever you can reasonably afford.

    Timing belt kits listed over on the left. Should cover many of the things you should be doing at this point.

    having a good machine shop check out your heads may be worth the $ and effort to make sure your valves are seating well and that you don't have any significant wear issues happening.
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      The amount you have apart on the engine is nowhere near ready to replace bearings and hone and what not. You still gotta pull the engine. I would put it into perspective. What are your plans for the car? Does it have low enough miles to get away with not replacing these parts? You said no coolant in oil (thats good bearing wise). Over all I would just do the head gasket for now if there is no serious scoring on the cylinder walls. Get used to the car and decide if you wanna rebuild it later. You could fall in love with power later and want to throw in forged internals. Why rebuild it now if that is the rout later. Over all I dont know :lol:
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        stick with nissan for most parts. What is your budget? Do you want to just get it running, or do you plan on fixing the car up nice?
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          Well, thanks

          Yeah, I forgot to mention I would be able to pull the engine, heh. Anyway, I'm probably going to be pulling the engine to look if all over and check for cracks,, and thats why I was asking if I should go ahead and do the hone and bearings. Anyway, I plan on doing all the work myself (I'm in a vocational program and the teacher's quite knowledgeable on rebuilds and the like) so I'm hoping to get the motor running on about $500, and so far for rod bearings, mains (both clevite) and a headgasket set I'm only up to $250, I'm just not ordering until I pull the engine and inspect it. I've also found heads (in the event of a cracked one) for $125 each.

          So, as far as bearings, I've heard good things about Clevite, would these be a good choice?

          And as far as budget, I'm on a senior-in-high school with a part-time job kinda budget, so, major work would take time but if it's needed I'm not against doing it, since I can do bearing replacement, honing and the like at school.

          Thanks for your responses,
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          Passengers should be confined to the trunk/hatch area. properly secured and only given enough air to survive in a sedated state for the duration of the trip.


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            let me say it clearly, it was already implied

            first thing is there are a few basic tests you can do to determine how close to spec everything is, besides headgasket this is largely free

            one you have figured out what is wrong (if anything) then replace that, I know you want a learning experience but chances are you'll go back in some future date anyway, there isn't really any experience gained by undoing brackets and necks....

            the valvetrain is probably the only tricky part in an engine, what you learn there will be useful, if nothing else you won't be afraid to take anything apart later

            be careful of your teacher's experience, domestics require a lot of massaging and truing every rebuild, the engine you have doesn't.... things like decking and hot oiling pistons are better not done for example

            above all have the fsm handy, print out EM.pdf or buy a paper fsm, it will save you steps and money