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Figured I would show you guys my turbo install.

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  • Figured I would show you guys my turbo install.

    Seeing as how it worked and didn't blow up right when I started the car, I suppose I can show it off

    Before christmas I pulled my engine out of my 85 and started jigging up a relocation set up for a holset turbo for my N/A. I didn't want to do the stock turbo install as I figured it would be easier relocating the turbo some where else where I dont need to worry about the crossmember, alternator and stuff. I dont know if it was easier? but what ever.
    Everything worked out soo smooth. I couldn't beleive how everything that looked impossible to fit, fit perfect. Turbo, down pipe, waste gate...etc.
    I'm only running 5 psi right now, and I think I'll stick with that until I get a new clutch. I figured An oem turbo clutch would last a little while, but i dont even know if I'll get that. Seems to spin pretty easy when I punch it.

    But anyway, here are some pics.

    Ghetto oil fitting for my turbo Doesn't leak. I bought one, but the car store told me it was a 1/2 npt thread and of course it wasn't. So I made this.

    Going straight pipe for now until I get my muffler

    Its awesome! N/A truly does suck! I've never driven a turbo charged car before this. Its, just too cool. I'm very happy, had to share.
    Its a used holset hx35, stock 85 turbo injectors, turbo computer, ebay intercooler, waste gate, bov. Good couple hundred on piping and welding wire.
    I took a little video hoping you could hear the turbo or the bov. But the exhaust is too loud. I was being cautious too as you can tell from my 4500-5000rpm shifts lol

    Car started so easy the first time, runs really good. Only two issues I have timing was sooo incredibly advanced at first. I've tried to retard it as much as my distributor will allow, but it's still like 5* advanced? Its weird.

    And then I think the N/A idle control devices are giving me some grief. Sometimes when I rev it up, or come to a stop. The engine will idle at 1600rpm and make almost a vibrating noise like...something is maybe opening and closing letting air in that shouldn't be there. I have a feeling I know what it is so I'll have to play around yet.

    Do any of you have any insight on the timing thing?

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    looks good man, that last pic really makes the turbo look like its ment to be there.
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      very well done...that's exactly where I'll be relocating my turbo too. Dead sexyness bud.
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        Wow man that's an exceptionally clean install. I'm surprised it comes from a person who has never driven a turbo car before! The fabrication work looks decent...I really like the way you incorporated the wastegate off of the relocation pipe...must be quite effective for controlling boost. Keep it up!

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          nice setup. It seems that you did thorough research before starting the job. Especially since you connected external wastegate to feed from both sides of the engine.

          About the timing. First of all, where are you trying to set the base timing. Stock base is 20 BTDC.
          Secondly, do you have the TPS disconnected when your setting the base timing?

          About the idle controls. IMO, I remove them all and set the idle with the throttle body. Cleans up the engine bay too.
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            I like it!


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              I have always wondered how you guys were making those forward turbo setups. Thank you for the good pictures,k very clean

              Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                That's some really nice work coming from a newb to turbo setups. I'm betting you'll come up with a lot more/better work as time passes. One thing I would suggest as your next project would be to make a whole new manifold setup keeping that same turbo location. It does look good where it is.
                I would also remove that heat wrap and have everything hotcoated. I, along with everyone else, have had rust issues with the wrap. It also absorbs oil and road debree that can't be removed.
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                  Lost of problems solved with the installation, just no A/C.
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                    Thanks guys!

                    Yeah, I have been thinking about the turbo for a long time now. I've gone through every possibility I could come up with in my head and this seemed to be the best.
                    Origionally, I was going to just make my own manifolds, I started a couple times. But I decided if I did finish one...I want to make equal length tubular manifolds. And with that being said, I know its going to be a work in process that will take longer than I would have wanted prior to finishing this setup.
                    So I thought I would just do this, kind of get used to turbos and that jazz. Then as time goes by work on improving it. IE. manifolds right.

                    As for the heat wrap, with what I just said...thats why I used it. I dont plan on this stuff being permanent. So rather than spending X ammount of coin on ceramic coating. I figured 35$ worth of heat wrap would do the trick for now.

                    I did try to set the timing with the tps hooked up? Is that wrong?? If it says not to do that in the manual then points to me for missing that one lol
                    And yeah, I do want at least 20btdc, preferrebly a couple degrees short of that for a safety blanket.

                    I think I might just remove the idle controls if I can't get rid of this little issue. Seems to be a bit better since I tightened up that spring in the brass collar through the ficd unit.

                    I do like where the waste gate is, so far it seems to do its job well. I was thinking about installing it on the egr tap...of course boring the hole out to match. But I thought ...then I really only alleviate pressure on the one side before the other.
                    I wanted it right before the turbo inlet. But I couldn't find room easily, so tucking it infront of the tranny seemed like a good spot. Easy dump pipe location too.

                    Anyway, thanks again for the comments. I'm really happy with it. Like SteveZ31 said, I love how the turbo looks right at home where it is. I just need to fill some space now on the other side of the engine :P ... Everything fit together effortless. I honestly thought the hardest part was welding the thin shit dump pipe tubing. It kept melting on me.

                    Hopefully its not one of those "too good to be true" things :wink:

                    Oh I wanted to ask, (I thought of this a while ago when I was doing my feed line) would it be an idea installing an oil cooler in line on the oil feed line before the turbo?
                    Would that do any good, or is it better just installing one on a sandwich plate under your oil filter. Thought i would ask.

                    Edit- Who needs ac I will admit, I do miss it sometimes...but now I can drive faster so, meh.
                    In all seriousness, durring the summer my t-tops are only on my car when its parked or raining. Otherwise I keep them off. So, I dont mind that much.


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                      That is just awesome!!!! Absolutely super clean install !! Im also very impressed that it is in a car that is owned by someone who has never driven a turbo !!!! HA, just awesome and motivating!!!!!
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                        Love the turbo setup. I wish I could do that but i would miss my A/C too much Being in Alabama with a Black on Black car is no fun in the summer.
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                          very nice setup, makes me want to get a holset.

                          how much boost are you running using the stock injectors??


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                            Right now I am only doing 5psi. I plan on doing no more than maybe 7-8 when I get things running perfect.
                            Then from there maybe I'll mess around with fuel pressure and find out what the a/f ratio is like.

                            But, for now. I wont be going over stock boost.


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                              Very nice install. If I had to do it all over again I would put my turbo in the same spot. What AN size is the turbo oil line? Looks a little too big.
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