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first engine build, quick question

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  • first engine build, quick question

    Im about to embark on my first vg30et engine build and wanted some suggestions part wise. not looking for anything too extreme, my goal will be somewhere in the 350hp range(with bigger turbo, injectors, etc obviously). from all the searching Im assuming that the stock rods will hold up, but I figured I might want to step up on the pistons from stock just incase I want to get abit more power later. on the top end, ferra valves be the way to go? Just basically looking for some suggestion for this newb engine builder. I have a spare engine bent a valve and broke a piston ring on one cylinder so thats what im going to be rebuilding. thanks for all the help
    1984 300zx Ae Turbo(under repair...)
    1989 240sx rb20(daily driver)

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    350 is easily attainable on a completely stock longblock.
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      Shen, I'll give you a couple of my honest opinions here:

      1. I don't see the purpose in rebuilding your engine when you can buy used ones complete with turbo for under $600. You're going to spend that in parts to rebuild it, easily.

      2. Exhaust, Turbo, Fuel, IC = 350-400whp on a bone stock engine will last a long time. There is no need for forged pistons at that power level if the engine is properly tuned.


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        I appreciate your honest opinions, but I havent had much luck findimg a good used engine(turbo) for that price.(if you happen to know of someone trustworthy, please point me in their direction). I know 350 on these engines is modest, but its just a starting point for me really. As I said its my first engine build and its mostly for the experience. forged pistons are probably abit much since the stock internals can hold that im sure, but I dont want to have to go and buy another set of pistons once the HP bug gets ahold of me. But as I said I really do appreciate your honest opinion and look forward to getting more.
        1984 300zx Ae Turbo(under repair...)
        1989 240sx rb20(daily driver)


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          first forget the "turbo" motor. 9:1 for the win. check this,
          n/a motor
          bigger turbo (gt30 or 35r ftw) or a t3/04e will work nice too (email me, i have two for sale)
          420cc merc injectors, walbro, up fuel psi, and a stinky tune (stock maf will flow for 300, 350 might be pushing it)
          FMIC, cams, port and polish if you can afford it, boost controler and methanol injection, thats all you need

          this is basicly what i`m running, i had 374 hp and 398 tq on the turbo block, now with the p&p, meth and n/a compression, well over 400.

          doooo it.

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            Yes, petroleum has improved a bit from the 1970s, when the VG was designed... 9:1 is fine.

            I'll be running 8.5 or so on the project.
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