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ok, i suck:(

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  • ok, i suck:(

    well its been a while since ive posted. not sure if anyone remembers the issues ive been trying to work out on my z. It was blowing smoke really bad and all and i came to believe it was the turbo. I rebuilt the turbo and reinstalled it. the car still smokes horribly. I removed the turbo today and set the car up to run without it installed and watched oil sputter out of the manifold. Im going to check around town tomorrow to see how much having a set of heads rebuilt would be. What does everyone think would be a fair price for that?

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    feel free to correct me but that sounds more like a valve cover gasket or maybe even a head gasket gone bad


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      Its not a valve cover gasket. Head gasket possibly but unlikely with the amount of oil coming out of the exhaust manifold.


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        Check compression.



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          I did a compresion check a while back on it and all the cylinders read about 150. I think the rings are ok. Im gona try and pull the heads tomorrow,


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            I'd put $100 down that it's the piston rings.

            For everyone else, remember to take the turbo off and run the motor before you go and rebuild the turbo, thinking that was the problem. Don't go around rebuilding everything before you narrow down to the actual problem.

            edit: Hey, my car originally came from Virginia Beach, and it had bad rings when I bought it. lol :lol:
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              Im with you on that Evil. I feel like a retard now. But at leat ive got a nice rebuilt turbo now!


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                One less thing to worry about

                Terrible idea putting those wheels on...