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walbro pump .... or not?

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  • walbro pump .... or not?

    pull my finger

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    Wow, so that begs the question are all ebay walbros knock offs? Has every $99 walbro pump everyone's bought been a fake? lol sell theirs for $145, Im thinking that ebay is loaded with those knockoffs?


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      If only people knew how much stuff was copied/faked/reverse engineered in Chinese factories. They will make anything you pay them to.

      HELL, I can call up 3 factories I know of and have almost ANY car audio product shipped to my door with a minimum order. They will label it whatever you want, or ship the exact same name being sold out the front door to the legit companies that are selling them as their brand.


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        if I remember correctly samsung had a joint-venture factory with a contractor to make some stuff, that contractor made 6 more identical factories producing identical products but didn't declare them, when samsung found out about the replicas and the quality, they offered to buy them as well... the company turned them down saying they make more money by selling them directly to retail

        even if you try you can't kill knockoffs


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          Just don't buy them...

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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            and if you really can't tell the difference?

            most drills and jigsaws use common components like motors, and most are made by the same few companies, just like laptops.... if they want to produce a knockoff they can and often are just as good as the name brands they produce for... obviously not always the case but there are


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              Chinese companies selling cheap knock of shit ya'll...get the fuk outta here....hehe.

              1 Billion chinese people gotta make a living some how and they don't have nearly as much gasoline as they need so their economy isn't moving as fast as it could. They're buying up tons of american debt, just imagine how much cheap chinese shit we'll be buying in ten years.

              Anyway, anything you buy on a feebay is a crapshoot.
              Ucked Fup!!!


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                VG36ET wrote: They're buying up tons of american debt.
                give it 30-50years

                United States of China


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                  Yet another reason to buy from a local shop and it will help out your economy.
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                  Heads up makes teh panties drop. BUT I don't have a penis OR a fast car, so I guess my opinion doesn't count.


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                    Racinjitter wrote: Yet another reason to buy from a local shop and it will help out your economy.
                    Yep, I'm no nationalist(to the contrary I travel allot and spend plenty of money in other countries) but I prefer to buy shit made in my country as much as possible, even if I have to pay more.
                    Ucked Fup!!!


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                      just so you know, china is buying fanny mae and other quango debts, meaning if the american economy crashes and the loans/debts are called in, china will own 40% of american real estate.... think about that

                      my guess is if such situation ever occurs however the american govt will merely nationalize everything, default on their debts, and pull a big birdie to the world... oh and change to a new currency