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vg 33 heads on a w series vg30 block ?

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  • vg 33 heads on a w series vg30 block ?

    i can't remember for sure but a friend is wondering if the vg33 heads will bolt right up to a vg30 w sereies block . also is there any differences in flow between the 2 . he is rebuilding an engine and needs a set of heads that are good . he can get a set of vg33 heads for $50.00 .

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    VG33 is a w-series motor. The heads will bolt up without any need for modifying the gasket or water/oil passages.
    As far as flow is concerned, I have yet to see any documentation comparing the two.I have heard that the 33 has smaller ports that are geared more towards velocity.That is great in an NA application,
    but is a limiting factor on a boosted motor.
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      The only difference I noted between w series heads is the exhaust studs. The w heads do have a slightly different shaped intake port floor, and I remember hearing that the non-w heads flow very slightly better in stock form, but have yet to see any proof of that. Regardless, when a light porting and port matching can make such huge gains on these heads... you should do it.


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        Don't take this as gospel, but it did seem like the 33 heads had a bit more meat to eat out. and the exhaust studs are bigger (just drill the manifolds accordingly.)
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