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holset turbo?

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  • holset turbo?

    just a few questions for you guys that are running holset turbos.

    i just sold my little T3. i still have not installed a turbo on my NA. i just bought the parts and decided i wanted more power. so i'll start off right with a large turbo.

    what are you running as far as injectors (cc) ?

    are you running cams stock or somthing otherwise???

    what are you tuning the engine with. i'm really considering megasquirt for my application.

    are any of you running a 9:1 compression ratio with this turbo?

    does the turbo fit in the stock location?

    have you tried to fit the cummins intercooler on a Z? its 40"wide X 14" tall and 1.5" thick. (doesn't seem like it will fit when i checked quickly this morning.

    what PSI are you running the turbo at?

    what is the stock setting for PSI on the turbo?

    i think i have found couple choices in hoslet goodness.

    i found the early non-intercooled cumming hoslet turbo in a junkyard. i may pick it up.

    or ebay HX35.

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    its a HOLSET not a hoslet :lol:

    and the stock w/g actuator is probably set at about 18-20 psi , in other words too high . you can drill and tap a couple of holes on the right spots on the comp housing to mount the stock / different wastegate actuator that isnt set so high .

    theoretically you should be able to put the turbo on the engine and run safely 4-5 psi on the stock fuel system , this is what i would set my goal to work out any bugs before you put in bigger injectors , that way if for some reason something goes wrong . you can easily tell if its from your tuning or not...


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      sorry, i can't spell. to much sniffing H2S for the last 2 years. makes you crazy
      Another one dead: 1985 2+2 GLL, stripped going to the recycler!!! doing my part to stop global warming!

      the sierra club is gay!!!


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        There is a sticky at the top of the forum that has tons of info on the holsets. Apparently, they do fit. But snug! Almost touching the side walls. But they will go in there.

        You'll need to make your own downpipe I think?

        I converted from n/a to turbo using this turbo(All custom plumbing though), and I just installed the stock turbo 260cc injectors and computer for now. Only running 5psi on the 9-1 compression and its pretty tight. Need more fuel and more air though 5 psi probably just teases this turbo.
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          Yeah. check out the holset sticky for most of these questions. I am running dsm 450cc injectors with mine (although it is not running yet). Also, it fits VERY tightly in the stock location, but it fits. You will need a custom intake for the turbo (through the motor mount deal works pretty easily). I think the stock wastegates are set to ~18psi, but you won't be able to use one without modification anyway. Just get a wastegate from the stock t3 or something similar. Also, I don't think an intercooler that size would ever fit, not easily anyway. Just my 2 cents.

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