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metal plate in front of oil pump?

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  • metal plate in front of oil pump?

    Is there some special way to remove this? Its the round plate between the crank timing sprocket and the oil seal. Is this to protect the oil seal somehow? Is it even necessary?

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    It's there to help guide the timing belt, just like the same round plate before the crank sprocket and to keep oil off the timing belt when the crank seal starts to leak. It comes off easily once the crank sprocket has been removed.
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      That makes more sense, none of my motors had one on the front though.
      on both of my motors its in a groove on the crank and does not slip forward. Ill play with it some more but Im kinda tempted to just cut the damn thing off.


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        You can pry it off if it is sticking in the crank, Just becareful not to damage your oil seal behind the back one. That and you may have to do some straightening to it after you've been prying on it, or go get a new one.
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