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HKS racing bypass valve(blow-off valve) install

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  • HKS racing bypass valve(blow-off valve) install

    I have this HKS blow off valve. What is the proper way to install the vacuum lines for high boost?
    It has a top port and a side port. I know you have to use both ports.
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    not 100% sure but its like my greddy type S, the second vaccum port is for smaller turbos that have problems actuating the valve(low boost applications) as far as the proper way there is really only 1 good way and that get nice sized line and get some sort of fitting onto the intake manifold
    like this...... ive always had trouble getting a blow off valve to actuate T'ing into another line. on my type s i jsut leave the second port open with no problems


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      Use the one on the top, actually on the diaphragm housing.
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