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holset flange?

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  • holset flange?

    ok well i have a hy35 and my local dodge dealer cant get me the Vband flange for the exhaust.
    i was wondering if anyone knew where to buy one, new or used!

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    get a downpipe from ebay from an aftermarket exhaust , or buy one of these ... ... 6331QQrdZ1

    btw im not sure if this exact one has the v-band flange , it may be for another holset.


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      call boostlogic. We have them in stock. (512) 371-9960 3 inch V-band clamps and flanges.
      86 hardtop shell, 93 SC300 engine, 95 soarer bellhousing, 91 supra transmission, 95 Q45 differential hubs and driver's side axle, 1992 300ZX turbo driver side axle and calipers, 2004 350Z Rotors, 87 300ZX front end/hood, 1999 Viper radiator, 1992 Mustang throttle body. Lots of glue and tape to keep it all together.


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        just to make sure im after this, is has 5 bolts and a 3" outlet for a vband


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          make one .... i believe that roastin300 had to make one for his hx35 to bolt up to his CM turboback....

          its quite simple to make one actually , a piece of flat steel (1/4 inch thick?) , a die grinder/cut off wheel , and access to a welder and you should be able to make one in a couple of hours.. if this is not an option , start calling around local cuminns diesel shops to see if there is an aftermarket solution..