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Jason, or anyone! External Wastegate pictures

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  • Jason, or anyone! External Wastegate pictures

    Wastegate is currently removed and just sitting on the flange. I did this because when i originally reassembled the engine, I never took any time to properly finish the inside of the pipes where they are welded together.

    Whats not pictures is the heat shield that I made to protect the valve cover gasket and powdercoat from the heat off the wastegate.

    Gate is a HKS 40MM with a 14.7psi spring. External dump currently however im thinking of possibly making it dump back into the exhaust when I reinstall the engine again. Not sure if it clears the factory intake manifold as I'm using a custom manifold with forward facing throttlebody.

    ""You gota watch out in this weather. Its when them white boys with their turbos come out to play" Mr. Rimpson - UTI Instructor, refering to a slightly damp 50 degree day.

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    Pics of mine. It dumps straight down. Im sure I could use it with the AC lines if I bend them a little bit and heat wrap them. It's a 38mm (Tial).

    My old setup; what a pain in the ass when one of the bolts tore out of the manifold; always leaked.

    I later turned the wastegate around in the first three pics so that the dump tube bolts on behind the manifold.


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      very nice placement -- wish i could have done that... mines a wee bit hard to get at... here are a couple of pics:
      they were taken with my camera phone so forgive the quality..
      it's like a game of wheres waldo -- here's the closeup

      and where's waldo? (look just right and below center)

      Images Gallery with PicTiger
      8.5 custom arias pistons (.020 over)
      eagle rods
      t70 turbo (man was that a squeeze)
      38 mm external wastegate
      mild port/polish
      3 angle valve job
      custom intercooler piping
      twin external intakes with z32 maf
      rad moved back
      3" exhaust with only a resonator
      420cc injectors
      custom body work, homemade oil lines and fittings..
      walbro 255lph in-line fuel pump.... and lots of headaches... lol