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very interesting cooling information

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  • very interesting cooling information
    good reading. it should also apply to our mechanical fans.

    has someone tried test fitting altima fans on a stock z31 radiator? I had taurus fans on my 85t. I don't think the altima fans will outflow them but its worth looking into. THey may flow more than maxima fans.
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    The altima fans look alot like maxima fans and I know they move air well. Good info.
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      the altima fans are the 2 speed ones aren't they?

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        rather terrible testing proving absolutely nothing.

        i couldnt stand to actually read the whole thing in detail as it was making my brain hurt

        1) glad they set the boost at 8 psi for a constant speed test
        2) wow, the inlet temp was the same for all radiators, they just made the great discovery that they have a working thermostat!
        2) high boost run just stupid, maybe they havent heard of using the brakes to see contanst boost and speed to at least attempt to creat some sort of valid test situation.

        either way, 75% garbage, yet still has a few bits of useful info. thumbs up for some young kids trying things and learning a hell of a lot in the process. best way to learn is by doing, not always the easiest or cheapest, but the best.