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  • Maxima 90amp Altanator

    I just finished putting in my maxima altanator and electric fan setup today. after putting in the altanator it seemed to be working fone. i then put the fan and thermastat sensor in and then ran it till the fan kicked seemed to be fine. a while later i take it for a ride to the corner and shut it down. i go to start it again and it had a hard time. i checked th bat and its only putting 8.65v when running......can anyone tell me what the hell i should do...pull the altanator again?

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    It has to be the alternator if the car died while running. Even without a battery the car will run fine if the alternator is fine. Were your dash indicator lights on as/after it stalled?

    I guess you get to pull it and take it in. I had a string of bad alternators from NAPA. They were the lifetime warranty ones and I have had to return 4 of them so far for a free exchange. I bought a Bosch reman unit at another store near Detroit and have not had a problem for over a year. The napa "power supreme" remans are just crappy.


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      Nothing against napa, but i have had good luck with carquest products.

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...