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over heating... radiator???

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  • over heating... radiator???

    Is it automatic?

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...

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    Pull the rad and get it flow tested or just replace it.
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      Put your shroud back on, it is there for a reason. Change your radiator, flush your system and make sure your rad. cap is ok.


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        naterbater7169 wrote: it is 5spd. dont have a shroud, but didnt over heat before with out one, so im little skeptical about that one. it is an 86 turbo. can anyone tell me how thick their radiator is off of a turbo?
        I would say it is about 1.5" thick for the turbo.

        I would say you answered your own question though. It just sounds like the whole cooling system needs to be freshened up. Try the cheapest things first. Flush it and clean out ALL of the little fins in the radiator. Allways start cheapest first. You dont want to replace somthing that you didnt need to.

        Also, the shroud is good to have for idling. but you said the car over heats no matter what speed the vehicle is moving. I would still put one back on or switch to a POWERFUL, not dinky, electric fan.
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          You said you know the thermostat is good...but just in case, perhaps try running it with NO thermostat at all.
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            think you nailed it with the radiator being too small for your application.

            or you happened to get a dud thermostat. (not un-common actually)


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              when the car gets hot fell the Whole radiator and see if its totaly hot. and also feel the upper and lower hoses and verify there is a temp drop the lower should feel noticable lower but not cold. could also be the gauge is wrong probobly not but it could be. if the blades on the water pump are rusted off you proboby wont have heat. if it takes longer to overheat now that shows that it is now operational. did you test the old one on a stove.
              a thiner radiator shouldnt make a difference because with out boost a turbo motor puts out no more heat than an N/A


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                casner wrote: think you nailed it with the radiator being too small for your application.

                or you happened to get a dud thermostat. (not un-common actually)
                i had a non-turbo radiator in my car for years when i had a turbo motor.. it held up fine during my commute from long island to NYC in rediculous traffic in the summer.. also held up reasonably well at several track days.. a stock NA radiator is fine.. provided it isnt busted