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High Oil Consumption with new turbo

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  • High Oil Consumption with new turbo

    Hi There,

    i just installed my new Garrett GT3271 on my 87 turbo and the car runs clean and fine. (I will post a detailed description of the whole install and custom fitting work with photos soon)

    But there is one problem that is still not fixed. Since the brandnew turbo was istalled my oil consuption is extremely high. About 0,3 gallons of oil for about 140 mls. And i was not pushing the engine hard. I have been driving 250 miles after the turbo-swap and filled up oil two times.

    Some side information.
    - Oil consuption before with stock turbo was ´normal´ maybe 1000mls with 0,3 gallons or even less.
    - I use stock oil feed line with a little smooth custom rebending so that it fits.
    - I checked engine-compression, it is fine
    - No visible oil-smoke during accelerating (exhaust system goes right through without catalytic converter)
    - No oil in the tubes on the way from turbo to the throttle body.
    - No oil drops under the car

    Do you have any ideas?


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    rear main seal, headgasket, worn oil rings

    do a leakdown test if you can, check compression otherwise

    *edit* replace your pcv valve too since it's cheap, might be stuck open


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      >rear main seal:
      You mean in the direction to the drive shaft/cardan shaft. Then it should leak through the clutch housing to the ground and oil drops should be visible under the car. But the car is clean, in the engine bay and also under the car.

      >Worn oil ring, do a leakdown test: I checked compression and it was fine and only very small differences between all 6 cylinders. What is a leakdown-test? How do you do it?

      >Replace PCV Valve? What is that? I do not know that short-expression ´PCV´

      I just called a friend to drive behind me and look for blue smoke while accelerating. But there is nothing he said, just a little black smoke under boost due to richness. Also no oil smell.



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        Very strange if there's no visable leaking. Is there any smoking on cold startup? Is there oil in your coolant? How about smoke when you let off the gas right after being in boost? Even good engines with good rings will smoke then, a little bit.

        I did get your e-mails with the pictures, just have not replied yet. A wriet-up on the turbo install would be great to see. You can host the pictures on the coppermine install here:


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          pcv= positivie crankcase ventilation/valve
 ... ef_621.htm

          And i think if it is stuck closed it is worse because it push's oil out the seals. I think.....

          But if there is no signs of oil from the outside

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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            aha, good idea, maybe i will change it if it is not too much work,


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              Is that a BB turbo?If so, did you install the required oil ristriction
              in the oil feed line?
              imagination is a virtue


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                according to garret's web site it is a ball bearing stetup

       ... 2203_1.htm

                im installing the same turbo in my 88 2+2 i do not recall seeing anything about an oil screen or other flow restrictor????

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                  ARSpeed wrote: im installing the same turbo in my 88 2+2 i do not recall seeing anything about an oil screen or other flow restrictor????
                  I don't see it well documented on garrett's site, but I have heard from many people that you need to run a fitting with a .035 hole size to restrict oil pressure and flow on their ball-bearing carts.

         ... _Code=GTBB


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                    very strange they would want less oil

                    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                      the standard thrust bearings (and a few other types) are only lubricated by significant pressure squeezing oil into them, for the most part ball bearings are self lubricated, the oil supply just has to keep them "wet" since the heat will dry them out

                      also ball bearings in turbos don't have the same kind of seals you use in pulleys and such so they will leak oil in every direction and possibly cause the housing seals to blow


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                        WaZZ300 wrote: very strange they would want less oil
                        not really...turbos can survive on a very low oil supply

                        actually the seals in a turbocharger are only rated to a certain psi of oil pressure, beyond that psi they will leak like a siv

                        I had this problem on my old setup, it would leak at startup, and when high idle cold, it would actually be leaking liquid oil from the downpipe. once the engine warmed up the oil pressure would drop and all would be fine.

                        the best way would be to make a bypass instead of running a restrictor. the bypass would still allow the flow of oil to the turbocharger, just at a different pressure
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                          Aha, interessting posts so far, thanks but you are all talking about BB and my turbo has journal bearing (just look close to the garrett link above of ´ARSpeed´).

                          I Asked ATP about the recommended diameter of oil feed line and they told me "-3 or -4 braided oil feed line". My friend who was doing the custom work of my turbo install said that this is similar to the stock oil feed line which i am using now with a little custom rebending. Once again: I use stock oil feed and return lines!!!
                          What do you say, Is it correct then that stock feed line is the same diameter than those ´-3 or -4 braided lines´ like ATP recommended?

                          Another idea: Maybe the high pressure comes from the oil return line side (crank-housing) due to a bad working PCV-Valve like ´WAZZ300´ said. Could that be?

                          I just remenber that the Z32-guys have a special test method to check if oil leaks into the exhaust through the turbo-bearing: They are reving up to 2000 RPM in neutral an holding that for about 30 seconds. Then they lift off the gas so that the car is idling. Then oil smoke comes out of the exhaust.
                          Maybe i should do that test on my car?


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                            Try that test.

                            So there are no oil spots on the drive way or the bottom of the car?
                            And there is no oil in your TB or intake pipe?
                            Check your compression to make sure the rings are sealing.
                            Drain your coolant into a bucket and look for oil in it.

                            Other than that, I don't know what to tell you, other than fuck it, raise hell and have fun. :?
                            imagination is a virtue


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                              I tried that test and no visible oil smoke

                              - I cheked compression, its fine !
                              - Intake pipe is totally dry
                              - I opened the collant cap to look at the cooling liquid but no oil (i will use a bucket next time to be 100% sure)
                              - no oil spots under the car

                              Still my first prior suspicion is turbo feed line and crank housing ventilation, i will check that detailed and see

                              Thanks so far

                              The boring thing is that this problem holds me off from tuning the bins. I do not want to ruin my sweet new turbo.