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oil cooler line replacement..

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  • oil cooler line replacement..

    im just getting started on replacing my leaking stock oil cooler lines with braided stainless hose and i have a couple questions.. i looked at the ports coming off of the adapter thats bolted to the block. i didnt have any measuring tools, but im guessing they are 18X1.5.. does anyone know this size for sure? how about the ports on the cooler itself? also, -8 or -10 hose? i think im gonna use -8..

    my plan so far is as follows: metric to An adapters off of the adapter block to braided hose, to bulkhead fitting to pass through the fender.. then braided lines to metric adapters at the cooler. hopefully i can find all the correct metric adapters and not have to use any weld fittings..

    if anyone has this information it would be very helpful, otherwise i will measure everything and post it with pictures when i am done. thanks

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    I am way too tired to think about all that.

    But I can tell you what else you can do. Take the hose assembly to a hydraulic shop or a parts store that makes hydraulic hoses. They can cut off the collars and put new hoses on the old fittings. Some will say they can't. It is just a company policy thing or they don't want to do the work. Keep asking around. For $20-30 you can get hydraulic hose that will last for decades in such a low pressure/heat environment. (relative to what they are designed to work in that is)

    I did mine at my old store and should have made up a few more. They could have been worth some real good money.


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      yea, i know i could make my life much simpler, but i have this strange addiction to braided hose and AN fittings.