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  • questions about turbo rebuild

    hey all, i just got my turbo removed and wondering which company i should send it off to get rebuilt. i was wanting to get a t3/t4, looking for about 350-400 max probably and not too much turbo lag, any suggestions on specs and such? or do u need more info? everything is stock on the car except 3"dp and exhaust... but not for long. thanks

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    My recommendation is Joel at AZ Turbo. They work on tractors and trucks mostly, but he is always willing to do some car turbos on the side for a very reasonable price. He has quoted complete upgrades and rebuilds to me for less than just a rebuild from other places. They don't take credit cards, so be prepared for that.


    Ask for Joel, and tell him Jason with the old 300ZX sent you.

    He will probably recommend a T04B H3 compressor, but I would say the T04E 60 is probably a better match for our engine if you plan on running a lot more boost in the future.


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      I would not recommend Majestic
      Took them two months to do the work.
      My rebuild/upgrade lasted about 20 miles.
      Then they told me that the warranty was void.. "contaminated oil".. seems pretty common excuse for not honoring a warranty.
      So, I've had to pay for the rebuild as well...I hope it's actually good this time.
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        Josh you asked the exact question i was going to....thank you

        oh, and jason too, thanks.

        (maybe make it a dual buy?)

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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          I just had mine rebuilt by majestic
          And they did a great job was only
          a 2 day turn around and has been working fine.
          I would use them again if i need to.


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            WOW, i think you just set a record for oldest thread revived. This one is over 3 years old.

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              necroposting for the win... at least its useful information
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