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    im doing a turbo conversion on my 89 na in a few weeks. im using a stock t3 and with stock heads. im replacing my cams with jwt s2's. about how much power do you thing i would make with this setup at 8 psi.
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    Well since a stock turbo makes 200/205 at 6.5psi. I would guess add a couple hp for higher compression and a couple for the extra 1.5 psi. I'd say assuming everything is right with the car you will have 215-220. Huge gain from your current 160ish I guess.


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      on a new motor (rebuilt) 9:1 compression, with e-fan (was turned "on" during the dyno run), no exhaust (open downpipe), Cone Filter, and stock charge pipe plumbing on stock boost I made 214RWHP and 243RWTQ...

      just to give u an idea...
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