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It really does make a difference....

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  • It really does make a difference....

    Sweet cold air intake. Just removed a fog, the little baffle for the stock intake thing and got some flexible dryer hose.

    Please make fun of me

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...

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    Simple, yet effective.

    Good job!

    Now its time to replace those accordion type bends for
    some smooth ones.
    imagination is a virtue


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      Looks effective. I did the exact same thing with my NA, but instead I'm still using all the stock piping. Just removed the metal peice behind the headlight and then removed the fog light. Here's what I did to acheive the same effect on the other side of the Z.

      Cut a hole

      Install a sheild

      And there ya go.
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        Nice, simple and effective. I like the idea of the stock air box turned like that. Wish I had thought of that a while back when I was trying to fit a new e-fan. Oh well.

        Your setup is not that different than what I did, but I have 2 suggestions for you.

        1- replace the heater hose with a piece of single wall stove pipe. I used 4", cut to length, overlapped the seams as needed and riveted the seams to hold the diameter needed. It works great and will look a bit cleaner than the heater hose. $4 and a few minutes and your golden.

        2- Seal up the holes in the back of that headlight bucket as best you can and cut a hole in the bottom to allow plenty of fresh air in. Easy to do.

        3- (ok I cant count :? ) Team Green panel filter. Call Dan at TSS.

        Check out my Car-domain site. Some decent pic there and I have more I will e-mail you if you ask. I also have a little writeup I did on it for a couple other guys who were looking for an easy yet effective cold air intake idea. Ask and though shalt receive. :wink:
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          I have a K&N drop in you can have cheap if you want it.


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            i beat you there, already got one for my xmas present. I think i am definetly going to get myself some gifts for my 18th b-day coming up.

            Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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              how much hp does dead squirrel add? something is going to make a nest in there one day....


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                i know, i know, 10 hp, but then it would make my na car no squirrely :wink: , and then i would crash of a cliff. I neeeed to invest in some chicken wire

                Terrible idea putting those wheels on...