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Methanol/water injection users unite...

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  • Methanol/water injection users unite...

    If I'm gonna do a write-up on this, then I'm gonna need some pictures. So, I'm looking for pictures of methanol/water injection systems installed on a Z31. Please, send big and clear pictures that clearly focus on the part in discussion and the relation to which it is attached. If a three year old can't determine what it is looking at, I don't want it. I dont want a picture of the entire engine bay either. I want pump locations, nozzle locations, reserviors, controls, peripherals, etc. Also note what brand of system your have and the total price, ie. SnowPerformance or homemade. Also include how the system is setup to activate. The more details the better. I LIKE CLEAR AND CONCISE DETAILS. Don't expect your picture to be used, but if it is, then be happy about it and leave it at that. You're not getting any money from this. Additionally, this will not a photo gallery of which there is any chance to show off your Z. Pictures will be cropped and cleaned up if need be so that the total focus is on the topic.

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    damn you don`t want much

    hell, you installed it anyways...

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    good thing....


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      I just installed devils own kit on my dodge ram, does that count?

      we can crop the pics to make them look like z31 images
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