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  • Best place to rebuild turbo

    I need to rebuild the turbo on my maroon 88NA2T.The jackass here in Miami that rebuilt it did a terrible job.It only has around 100 miles on it since being rebuilt. I noticed a small oil leak under the car and some burning oil when I start the Z and let it warm up.
    So today I changed the oil and looked for the source of the leak.What I found was oil dripping from the turbine housing.It doesn't blow out smoke while I'm driving though.

    What's the best place to send the tubo to get it rebuilt? It's the same turbo that used to be in my SS when I made 423 rwhp @23 psi except I bored out the stock T3 exhaust housing to fit the O trim exhaust wheel instead of using the T4 exhaust housing.
    Shiro #443

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    i know of a local guy i found off ebay here in miami = mike turbo inc. 305 - 885 - 9082/9084 , ebay seller id = miketurbofl . im planning to give him a try once i have enough money to get my holset rebuilt , if this is the guy that rebuilt your turbo that is broken now please let me know so i can look somewhere else!

    just a thought....


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      I think he used to work at the place that rebuilt my turbo.He didn't do it but I think I know who you're talking about.He's a good guy.Ask him if he used to work at MIC on Palm Ave in Hialeah.

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        AZ turbo, call and ask for a rebuild quote. Pricing is reasonable.

        contact info in networking section


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          don't send it to turbonetics if you want it done sometime before you die of old age... :roll:
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