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  • High RPM question...

    What do I have to do to get the engine to 7000RPM?? Besides balancing and blueprinting. I need better valve springs, camshafts stage 2 or 3, light flywheel??? I saw 1SickZ dyno and it have a lot of power at the 7000 - 7200RPM. ... kzdyno.jpg
    84' 300ZX 2+2 NA (Hardtop)

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    There are several factors that play into it.
    From what I remember about your build......things to double think/check:
    -Mimimize Flow restrictions...meaning:
    ~I/C piping design,quality.
    ~I/C core flow capability.
    ~Upper plenum flow restriction removed.(gutted plenum or custom plenum)
    ~Port matching Lower plenum to upper plenum.(then the obvious entire porting of the lower plenum)
    ~Porting of the heads, along with portmatching intake plenum to heads and heads to exhaust manifold ports.
    ~+1mm oversized valves

    -Have a Cam Duration that promotes your goal and valve springs to support the rpm.(Want very similiar results, run the same cam he did)

    -Enough fuel capacity(fuel pump/injectors, fuel rails, fuel feed/return lines)

    -Proper engine management/tuning.
    I am here to help...


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      What Dan said is totally correct, but the two biggest single things are valvetrain (springs/cams, etc) and tuning.


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        yea you guys really need to start posting qualified answers from now on, like you explain what a poor bastard needs to do and what a rich bastard should do, and you can explain in a manner that weights the importance

        I'm just sick of everyone telling everyone to carve/grind/chop everything related to the engine when all they need is a simple little thing like springs or whatnot

        that goes for you 2+2tubor


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          GE: you make a very valid point, I agree.

          If his car is NA, he most likely won't need anything besides a gutted plenum, headers and cams to make usable power out to 7K. Mike88NA's car was that setup and I was revving it to 7100+ during tuning.

          You will need stiffer springs with boost and that RPM though.