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Earls/Aeroquip anodized aluminum, no es bueno for coolant

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  • Earls/Aeroquip anodized aluminum, no es bueno for coolant

    About 6 months ago, i had a sauna under the hood. It turned out to be that
    the Earls elbow fitting supplying coolant to the turbo sprung a pinhole and was hosing the turbo with
    coolant. Sucks, but no problem, replaced it with a nickle plated aluminum fitting.
    About 6 months later the other side went with a gush. I bypassed the turbo and drove it for about
    2 weeks.

    I work in a Cleanroom-Fab and we have literally miles of SS tube supplying gasses and fluids all over
    the place. I found what i needed in the scrap bin. I sometimes have to custom bend SS tube for test
    stations at work, supplying DI water. I think i'll make myself some :ideahadn't occured to me sooner).
    I borrowed a bender and cutter from work over the weekend and went to work.

    The thin wall of the elbows were eroded inside-out from the coolant flow, it is pretty thin tube so that can probably be
    expected. What i did not expect was to see erosion inside the 90deg elbow that threaded into the npt fitting on the
    turbo. It is not made from tube, but would have eventually failed as well. I had old coolant so that no doubt contributed
    to the failure as well.

    Lesson: 1, use stainless 2, check the scrap metal bin more often. :wink:

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo

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    The new lines look really clean.
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