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Flow matching 420cc injectors

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  • Flow matching 420cc injectors

    I am about to install a set of 6 new Niehoff (57512) 420cc fuel injectors but have a concern that they may need to be flow tested first. There are some variations in the Niehoff's such as different packaging, lack of hose clamps in some boxes and different stamping numbers. If they can't be consistent about packaging and including hose clamps, can I trust that they can put together a fuel injector?

    So, should I get these brand new injectors flow tested or is it your experience that quality control is usually pretty good and shouldn't be a cause for concern?
    Has anyone used these Niehoff injectors on their Z?

    If it matters, I also have 2 new Beck Arnley (158-0438) 420cc's and they look pretty much identical to the Niehoff's.

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    contact neihoff or do some research, if the part numbers or applications match you should be fine

    possible some were superceded or different supplier
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      As long as the part number is the same, injectors SHOULD be matched within 2%

      That's not always the case, but I think you should be fine.


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        Thanks for the input. For what it's worth, the Niehoff rep said that they had some minor changes in the packaging but no changes in the injectors themselves nor any recalls/issues with that part number.

        So I'll go ahead with the install and will take pics if any spectacular explosions occur.


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          I flowed a set made by Borg Warner and they were almost exact between the six. I'd say if it makes you feel better do it. If not don't worry too much. But that shouldn't be more than 25-30 bucks for the set.


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            If they aren't within 2%, say that they end up being 5% off, it would only matter if you tune the car to the very limit.
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            It is not recommended to confirm proper installation by driving into walls or other barriers as this could cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle.