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Removing oil cooler

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  • Removing oil cooler

    My stock oil cooler is leaking like hell, and while I'm waiting on a replacement oil cooler and get the lines and fittings sorted out I would like to remove it all together just so it stops dropping oil. It's leaking because the cooler had to be moved for the intercooler piping and it broke a seal somewhere and it's dropping a fair bit of oil now.

    Now I would assume the manual VG's released without the oil cooler would of had some type of plug where the cooler lines would go? If that's correct, what size/type etc would it be does anyone know?

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    no you remove the relocation block from where the filter is

    you then mount the filter directly to the block

    you might need to obtain the threaded tube, not sure if the one in the piece can be removed


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      Hmm sounds a bit more complicated than what I had originally thought! So I'm assuming this threaded tube would be on both NA's and manual turbos?


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        have you ever changed the filter on any normal car? if you look at the filter it has a threaded hole, theres a threaded tube thing sticking out of the block, you insert and rotate woohoo

        the cooler just puts something between the block and oil filter that redirects the oil a bit before entering the filter, the oil itself enters and exits the filter normally


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          Yeah I have, but I just havent changed one that had the oil cooler before, however the second explanation makes more sense to me this time around lol I was thinking something totally different before. I'm gonna do this 2mora, it's only temporary until I have enough for the oil cooler I want.