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found my boost leak

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  • found my boost leak

    I tested my system for boost leak and found that my intake manifold was leaking. Figured it was the gasket. Took my intake off today to find that a helicoil I put in was 2-3 threads out of the hole &keeping the upper manifold from sealing. This must have happened when I removed the stock intake & installed the gutted intake. I never noticed. I put in a new helicoil & bolt and checked for boost leaks again. TB leaked where it attached to the plenum. Gasket goop I used instead of paper gasket didn't work. Used RTV this time. Tested again & finally have no boost leaks. Now with that fixed and my new 3" catback installed I can't wait to take it out & see if I feel a difference. Yes, I am a boost addict.
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    long ago I picked up a victor reinz cork gasket kit, basically a roll of the stuff, they had it lying on the shelf apparently for 20 years by the condition of the box.... FREEBIE

    anyway it's great for t/b gaskets as long as you cut the opening a touch oversized ... and it's reusable