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    i got a good deal on cap and rotor through mail order...went to install the cap and it wont drop in like the old Nissan cap,wierd,so i center it the best i can and tighten it down...start the car and its clacking bad, look under the hood and the noise is coming from the cap...put my hand on it and you can feel something is wrong inside there!!!reinstalled the old Nissan cap/rotor and its all fine!!!Dont buy Standard[brand] for tune up parts.

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    Did you compare the two to see if they were even the same?

    The only brand you should use is either Nissan or Bosch for cap & rotor in my opinion...


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      300zxt wrote: Did you compare the two to see if they were even the same?

      The only brand you should use is either Nissan or Bosch for cap & rotor in my opinion...
      Looks exactly the same,in/ i have to pay to return this crap...i'm probably not far off from cost of a Nissan part with the wasted shipping costs.


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        Well if it doesn't work and it causes that sort of problem, the part is defective and I'd be battling to get them to cover the shipping costs. Any good local part store stocks Bosch gear, I've used their cap and rotor in the past without any problems and they're a great second choice to Nissan's bs prices. From what I can tell they're exactly the same part aswell, besides the logo stamped on the top, I could almost bet they're made at the same place.


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          Does anyone else have issues with the stock one shorting to the outside on just about anything? It was replaced within 5k..

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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            When it comes to caps and rotors I will pay the extra $ and get them from Nissan. I went through the BS with a couple aftermarket brands and they were FUBAR.

            Installed a Nissan set...good to go.

            I was "advised" by a guy who was the Service Manager at he local Nissan dealership when I lived in CA that there are some items you stick with stock on. Ignition components are the main thing. btw- this guy was a personal friend as well. I would trust him with my life and my Z. (long story) :wink:
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            Reliable performance costs more.


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              personally I think every make is like that, the oem stuff just works, rarely is the aftermarket better....

              on that note we are rather lucky in that stock components are at least inline with non-oem part pricing, not like say vw where each bottle of powersteering fluid is $13 and swaybar endlinks are $106


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                I used standard without any problem i have used other stuff from them without problems i go to school over a hundred miles from any nissan dealer. And i have no credit card so i get what i can. The standard cap and rotar said it was made in italy which i trust more than china or taiwan.
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