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morgan style cam gear settings

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  • morgan style cam gear settings

    i have a set of the morgan style cam gears from dan tss that i was going to use on my street car but have decided to use them on the free hundred zx race car. i haven't played with these yet so i'm not real sure what way to go about setting these up for the drag car. if i remember correctly ken in az set his a few degrees retarded and gain like 30 ft lbs on the dyno. for a drag set up i'm not sure if i want to set it up for higher horsepower or higher torque. i'm just trying to get an idea where to start so any feedback you may have on the cam gears would definitly help me out.

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    I think it really depends on if you are going to do cams or turbo on the car...if not I'd go for the 3 degrees retarded for sure, you'll need the top-end for a drag car...low-end torque should not be the major concern on an N/A Z31...they do alright to get off the line as they stand.

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      i have decided to turbo the car just because i have a few turbos lying around that i can use . espeacially a ported 16g off of a syclone that my cousin sold me a few years ago that i was going to use on my wifes 240sx. the turbo should flow about enough air for around 400hp .

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        Ken and I both advanced the gears with aftermarket cams of similar specs; with the effect of gaining a lot of midrange power and torque. I would probably retard them with stock cams.