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  • Russ's cam gears

    Just curious, the people that have installed Russ's cam gears what setting and what performance benefits have you noticed? From what I understand they're either adjusted for extra power in low rpm or higher rpm. I have a set that I haven't installed yet, but I am just curious what people have experienced with them and what setting they decided to go with with and why?! I'm thinking to adjust mine for a bit more low end power myself...

    They look totally awesome, and he does a sweet job on them!

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    This is +4 degrees vs stock. It's going to change a LOT depending on your setup, though you can assume it to move the powerband peak just as much either direction even with stock cams.


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      Wow! That is a huge difference... So assuming that it would be the same either way, -4 degrees would just peak and fall off like the stock powerband but peak at a higher point?

      I was thinking something like +2 for a more medium powerband, I'm new to adjustable cam gears though obviously so I might play with it a bit before I get something that I'm 100% happy with. I'll probably want as close to a perfect balance of upper/lower rpm power as I can possibly get. A good way to see what might be right for me could be to set it to -2 then go for a test run and then +2 and another test run just for comparison on how the car runs... I'm still running stock cams but plan to upgrade later. I'm excited, this is going to kick major ass :P


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        whats up with that dyno graph? why dont they cross at (what is it 5252 rpm?)
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          SATAN wrote: whats up with that dyno graph? why dont they cross at (what is it 5252 rpm?)
          Because the ratings on either side aren't lined up.
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            [quote]craZed wrote:
            Originally posted by SATAN
            whats up with that dyno graph? why dont they cross at (what is it 5252 rpm?)
            Because the ratings on either side aren't lined up.
            Yeah, it scales the entire torque and power curves on their own graphs. If you adjust the scales to match they will cross at 5252. It's a dynapack which is about the best for tuning every load point, hence they want the best resoultion for the graphs. You have to select to put them together like I did there, but the scales are not the same... so people (like me the first time I saw one) ask.
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              I found a negative effect that is annoying at this curent point in upgrading on "Project'88t", by retarding the cams 3 degrees.
              *This was done to shift the powerband of the engine up for better mid-high rpm performance.
              To start, It is important to note the current modifications....
              -using '89na block(9:0-1 compression)
              -using T3/T4 V-Trim Turbo(intercooled)
              -using stock cams from n/a
              -using stock upper plenum
              -using stock '88t fuel system(pump,filter,injectors,ecu)
              -using 3" mandrel exhaust with high flow cat.converter and TG filter mounted to oem AFM, also have e-fan and maxima alternator.
              **I can feel the power band change(breathing/pull improvement from 3k-6k rpm), however....
              -I noticed that there is room for improvement with the ecu timing advance from 700-3000rpm.
              (the car has an odd sounding exhaust note through these rpms and is lacking performance under load....rougher acceleration)
              -There is a need to tune the car for these modifications...base timing adjustments fix part of it, but it comes back to bite us in the rear with a negative effect in another part of the rpm range.

              ^^^My answer to resolve these issues we currently are experiencing....
              *Based on the LM-1, we are obviuosly having lean-out issues under different circumstances when driving the car at 6psi right now. (So the car owner is needing to drive the car as I have instructed to keep things happy)
              ~The game plan is to upgrade the fuel pump and filter, 420cc-460cc injectors, replace the stock plenum with one of the TSS Gutted plenum pieces, Re-tune the ecu to the modifications the car has.

              ***My biggest point trying to made:To maximize a change in cam timing, ecu reprogramming is required.

              -We made more than just a change to cam timing, there were several upgrades done all at one time. The result was obvious, the car runs, makes power comparable to a stock '88t.....but requires many other supporting upgrades to pull the whole package together to make the end goal, as it seems the current timing and fuel programmed in the ecu is way off target for these upgrades. To keep the car in the safe zone, the car isn't fun right now and is kind of boring(to me). For the owner....we like to call it "training wheels".
              I am here to help...