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  • GT3071R

    Thought I would chime in on this.

    .78 A/R ATP divided housing
    4" inlet
    custom oil feed line
    stock oil return with ATP adapter
    V-band flange

    This has got to be the biggest turbo you can fit in the stock location. Seems like everything around it clears by only 1/4".

    Note that downpipe is shifted 3/4" to the right to clear.

    This turbo is water cooled as well, but I decided not to run lines due to a severe lack of space.
    I'm using a Tial gate. I welded in a dividing wall for the inlet pipe for that to keep exhaust flow between banks seperate. The top of this wall protrudes slghtly so it extends into the valve seat of the Tial, but not touching the valve. I suppose you could only drain 1 bank with your gate and not go through all this trouble, but the sound of all 6 cylinders coming out of there cannot be beat. 8)

    I haven't driven the car a whole lot so far. I'm still using the stock fuel system and running 14 psi. I CAN tell you there is a lot of torque now! I find myself trying to drift this thing and UPSHIFTING mid-drift. Totally opposite from any other car I've driven. I keep this updated once I get my fuel and tuning sorted out.

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    Wow! I'm jealous! That's one awesome turbo man, great pics! I think you just helped me decide which turbo I want!


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      You're running 14 psi with that turbo on stock fuel? Are you still running base fuel pressure? I would imagine you're near the maximum for stock fuel.
      Originally posted by Andrew84zx
      tell her your car is so fast it will make her panties fly off
      545 RWHP & 540 RWTQ


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        Yes, I am. I think the FMIC, more effecient turbo, and HKS pop off valve are my saving graces.


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          Butter wrote: Yes, I am. I think the FMIC, more effecient turbo, and HKS pop off valve are my saving graces.
          I'm almost done with my plumbing for my MKIV Intercooler, but I'm a bit leary of going any higher than 10 psi on my 9:1 T3/T4 setup without it.
          Originally posted by Andrew84zx
          tell her your car is so fast it will make her panties fly off
          545 RWHP & 540 RWTQ


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            i was leaning out above 8psi with my GT3271 with standard fuel pressure and stock injectors, so be very carful with fuel, even with more fuel pressure you won´t come further that 10 psi i would guess.

            BTW very nive turbo, i had yours in mind before, but it was almost double the price with internal WG. Your turbo is rated 50hp more than mine, unfair :-)



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              I just finished tuning the "Project'88t" car with the LM-1.
              The turbo in use is rated for less than yours(hybrid T3/T4 V-trim), and intercooled...6psi is the safe limit the stock ecu, injectors, fuel pump can handle. The car is using an n/a long block(9.0:1) and cams, along with those cams being retarded 3 degrees. I can't imagine these extra things would limit our engine/ecu that much in comparission with others results and now yours.
              **What A/F ratio are you seeing under 14psi in 4th gear? If you don't have a wb to verify, I'm sure that myself and other will agree....."you be leaning out badly but it isn't audible/visible/understood."
              *Something isn't adding up to your claims...??? :?
              I am here to help...


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                Why would I lie about something so stupid? My tial gate has the 1 bar spring(14.5 psi) and is directly connected to the nipple on the pipe right next to it, my boost gauge is a good one. I have no idle controls, pcv, or egr.

                I have been keeping an eye out for detonation, and haven't heard anything. Temp here has been 85-90 the whole time I've been driving it. I have onboard video of me doing doughnuts and drifting trying to get the car to overheat, and you would figure that since the drivers side motor mount is WELDED to the crossmember, that I would hear SOMETHING.

                Since you guys like to scare me, I just pulled a plug and it's sooty black with a white center electrode, worn, but not damaged.

                Somebody at the track mentioned that it sounded like the timing was retarded, so I advanced it a bit and it felt better. Perhaps it's still really retarded.


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                  Noone is saying you're lieing, just that it's crazy that noone has gotten near that much boost on an upgraded turbo with stock fuel. Cool setup though, just be careful.
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                    That is a very cool setup! That thing must be insta-boost on a bigger engine like the VG.

                    It can be dangerously lean and still not knock unless timing or charge temps put it closer to the threshold. It might not ever cause severe engine damage...

                    You will make HUGE increases in both power and response with a re-tune and larger injectors. I can't wait.


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                      Very nice setup.


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                        Great set-up!

                        Do you have any pics of the wastegate dump-tube? Does it re-enter the downpipe?
                        It's RWD in reverse.


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                          There is none right now. (dump tube)


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                            its a nice turbo!

                            we had it on our SRT-4 Neon and made 446whp peak, on average 434whp and 441whp.

                            spool really nice being that it has the 71mm wheel..

                            We are ATP sponsored.
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