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New intake piping done

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  • New intake piping done

    In my 'infinite wisdom' I decided to remove the AC on a record setting hot day :shock: and then promptly decided that the stock intake piping has to go. (I tend to be very compulsive in my decision making...but it usually works in my favor but not necessarily my bank account's favor :? )

    So, I get some stainless pipe and rubber fittings from a new local performance parts store. I was really happy with their selection of parts, customer service and quality of parts I bought. .... btw- Z_Karma turned me onto this parts store. Thanks man, this is my new favorite car store, they have or can get almost anything in 1 day. Good stuff.

    The install went well and I am happy with the results. This is in preps of the L&P plenum, Russ cam gears, Nistune and LM1. (the only part I am waiting on is the plenum)

    Pics here on page 1 and 4:

    (if anyone wants larger pics then e-mail me, I will send full sized versions)

    Oh, this is the site for the products I used on this: ... mance.html

    They appear to have a good selection of performance stainless, silicone and rubber parts.
    Just stand back and throw money.
    Performance costs money.
    Reliable performance costs more.

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    did you block off your AAC.

    i didn't see it hooked up.

    looks good. now you need a better air filter.

    i got a little more crazy then you. i cut out part of the headlight housing and moved my filter there. its like a air scoop. i need to build a box around it next. i only have 100 things to do before i move. i need another job with access to a welder.


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      Ah, good point. 2 things I was very happy about with this install is that Vibrant sells vacuum nipples that are easy to install in the stainless tubing and I was able to keep my "stock" vacuum lines. Also, the rubber fittings come with long arm lengths on the bends. Simply cut off what you don't need with a hacksaw and touch the edges up with a grinder. Its always good to have extra material instead of not enough. (this really helped on 2 of my bends and saved extra BS in the end)

      I was able to keep the 3 of the 4 vacuum lines on the intake. The one I eliminated was the valve cover breather. I got a $10 Schucks mini filter and it fit great. Car idles just like it always has and runs strong as ever with no idle or vacuum issues. :wink:

      As far as air filters go...Ive experimented with several mods. Many $$ many hours and lots of dissatisfaction...I came up with what I have.

      There is a Team Green panel filter in that stock air box, and that air box is pulling fresh air, not engine bay heated air. I got some flow data from Team Green and the panel filter I am using flows better than the cone filter that some use (and I tried) and they both flow better than a K&N cone filter. Oh, the best part...less money than K&N and you only need about $20 in parts to make it work with stock piping after the filter box.

      I think I have several things to worry about before I max out cool air flow of my current setup. :wink:

      btw- look at my site for more pics of the intake setup overall. I will e-mail larger pics if requested and I have a basic writeup on what I did. (good for NA or basic turbo guys but not realistic for turbo guys if you are running an inter-cooler)
      Just stand back and throw money.
      Performance costs money.
      Reliable performance costs more.


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        What wrong with the stock box, it seems to flow huge

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...