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  • Gates racing timing belt

    Hi all.
    I heard z32 guys had issues with gates racing timing belt, not with belt itself,but with pulleys' studs,they say the cause is in belt's stiffness (it can't stretch as well as regular belt).
    could this happen to sohc vg? We don't have auto tensiner,so probably shouldn't.
    ​​​​​​​Well,who nd how long drives his sohc with gates racing w/out studs upgrade etc, especially on manual cars.
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    I've not heard of any issues, but I also am not heavily involved in the "tuner" scene either . From many years of being a member on this site and reading tons of build threads, I don't think a Gates Racing belt is necessary unless you're making big power. By big power, I mean north of say 500hp on a VG30 SOHC. There were plenty of guys running OEM Nissan and standard Gates timing belts making 400+ hp throughout the years before Gates even made a pretty blue racing belt for the SOHC VGs.

    To each their own, but if you plan on making power with the SOHC VG, check the build threads on here or elsewhere if they are still available to read. One guy that comes to mind is SATAN's build. I think he made like 600 to 700hp and I think he was using an OEM Nissan belt. Don't quote me though
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