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Having problems with my boost controller

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  • Having problems with my boost controller

    I took my maroon Z out last night to see what she could do.I raced a Mustang with some work done to it and of course I beat him but with a little bit of a problem.
    I set my new Greddy Profec Type S(updated profec B) boost controller to 14 psi but when I raced him I would only boost up to 9 psi quickly then after a second or 2 it would shoot up to 14 psi and then I would pull on the Mustang.Same thing happened the rest of the night.
    I have a 60-1 with an O trim exhaust in a ported stock turbine housing with a stock internal wastegate.
    Could the problem be the boost controller or the old stock internal wastegate actuator? Do you think by adding a spring to the wastegate flapper like Jason's might help or maybe adjusting the gain on the Profec? I changed the gain setting last night but it didn't seem to help.

    The guy in the Mustang said it looked like I shot a little Nitrous when the boost would shoot up from 9psi to 14 psi.
    Shiro #443

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    If it is at all like my old school profec B, it sound like the "Balance" control might be set incorrectly and is causing the wastegate to open too quickly. Balance controls wastegate response...but I'm not really sure if your model has that setting.

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      It has a gain(balance) knob all the way to the left,then the low boost,and high boost.I might try the gain setting some more and see what happens.
      Shiro #443


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        Rick, like Taris Blue mentioned, it may be the gain knob. I had the same problem on my older style profec B. If the gain was too high, the boost would flutter. I had to turn the gain down and up the high boost setting. Worked perfectly and boost was consistent and smooth.