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have some more turbo gaskets.... what are they ?

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  • have some more turbo gaskets.... what are they ?

    part # H3773210900

    the opening is 2-5/8x3" and the outer edge is 5" on the long side, the stud holes look to be around 13mm (ie just over 1/2")

    they have the steel crush ring on the inside edge so it's good stuff

    I have 3 brand new, these T4 ?

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    btw they are Hitachi and made in japan


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      The measurements of the flanges I see are usually from hole center to hole center vertical and horizontal. Those are for sure at least T4 flange or bigger gaskets if they have those dimensions though. Are they the woven asbesdos type with the steel ring?

      The only T3 or T4 style ones I see are the SS crush type. Here's a T4 gasket for rough comparison to the ones you have:


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        looks like that style, one side is stainless the other side (with the inner crush lip) is passivated .. all metal

        however the shape/dimensions of that link don't match at all

        the hole is like 2/3 scale of the whole thing.... the picture on that site is like 3/4 on the long edge


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