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Update on the maxima VG not getting fuel

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  • Update on the maxima VG not getting fuel

    Well 3 day's ago i took it to the mechanic's ( Pushed it ).....

    And still they have not found the problem....

    the day before yesterday they said it was the distrubtor ( Witch it's obvoiusly not if the car started with starter fluid 10 or more times before i took it in )
    and he asked me for my old distrubtor so i gave him the distrubutor off my other vg the bad one . Then i dont hear any thing from him that whole day..

    Then the next day ( yesterday ) i walk over there to see if they made any imporvement's on my car and it's sitting out side... I ask one of the mechanic's that was just sitting at a desk if they have found out what's wrong with it yet. And he sad it wasent getting spark and the injector's whernt pulsing.... And he said they would look at it some more today...

    it's 1:22 pm and still nothing...

    EDIT : Just walked over there at 1:25 and it's still outside parked......

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    i have been messing with these types of old injected cars for years.

    just take your f'ing injectors out and test them. you apparently have a fuel problem. you sprayed starting fluid in it and it fired right up.

    i have been working on toyota efi systems for the last 5 years and these nissan efi systems are a lot less complicated. there is less stuff to test thus making it easier to figure out.

    don't waste you money on mechanics that don't understand how the nissans efi works.

    if you want it to work right fix it yourself. :roll:


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      Yeah once my little bro get's home from school im going to go get my car , Hopfully they wont charge me for just looking at it...

      I mean i replaced the injector's from an VG30E that ran right before i took it out , And still wasent getting any fuel to the chambers....

      I have a pair of injector's right here on a rail how can i check them , I tried to test it with a 9v batt but all i got was sound of electricty and no clicking or other sounds...


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        Did you check the resistance at the leads on the ECU harness to make sure you are getting good contact to the injectors?


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          I have a multimeter how would i check this ?


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            lets start with the basics.

            1. do you have fuel flowing to the injectors
            ---take off the end of the hose that goes into the fuel filter. point it into a bucket, turn on the ignition and see if anything is coming out. if it is go on

            2. check the resistance on the injectors
            --- refer to page EF&EC pg#58 in the factory service manual. if it all checks out you probably have bad or clogged injectors.

            heres a link


            i have had this guy clean two sets of injectors for 2 different motors. the difference is amazing. he does an excellent job.



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              Yeah fuel is coming from the pump , Can i clean injector's my self ? If so what do you say i should use ??? Seafoam?


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                you might try soaking them in diesel. but for good results send them out.


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                  yeah i dont got money for that i just went to go pick up my key's so i can push the car back tonight , And he wanted me to pay him for looking at it for 1 hour 2 day's ago....

                  No way. with some arguing he just gave me my key's , they where trying to make all these excuses for keeping it there...

                  He told me the injector's where getting a signal just not pushing out fuel.

                  And he told me that there was no spark , But ill see tonight...

                  Best way to check for spark with out getting shocked ?


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                    have somone crank it over for you. grab a sparky plug wire with some insulated plyers. hold the end of the plug wire next to the plenuim and look for z large blue spark. its best to do this when its dark.


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                      Well i think i figured why they whernt getting spark after they switched the distrubutor , well it harness connector wasent hooked up.... DOH...


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                        so you have spark again?


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                          nah , i wasjustout there with a long screw in the plug wire when it was connected to the disturbtor and it dident spark when i had some one crank and when i hit it on the im...
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