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Gutted plenum installed

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  • Gutted plenum installed

    So I finally got motivated to install the new plenum once I had the rocker covers painted and here's how it turned out...

    More pics:

    I haven't taken her out for a good run yet with the new plenum installed but I'll get around to that later today I think, I just have a few other things to finish up and it's ready to rock!

    There was some people over at who liked the before better, which I think is crazy! Opinions?

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    the yellow was terrible

    they smoke crack

    I think it looks good now!


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      "safety yellow" can work if you apply it springly, or just paint the block with it and have everything else black/chrome


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        It was yellow when I got the car and I knew then and there that it would be one of the first things to go. I think it looks much better now myself...

        I will update this thread with performance differences after adding the new plenum when I run it later this week.


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          quit hating on the yellow :wink:

          that blueness is nice

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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            I do like the blue. the yellow is not my first choice, but Ive seen a vg in a maxima that was pink..
            1984 300zx Ae Turbo(under repair...)
            1989 240sx rb20(daily driver)


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              Well I finally took her out for a run today, the plenum has made quite a noticable difference. It feels to me that the throttle is more sensitive to applied pressure now, and it wants to pull a little higher in the rpms than it did before. I've yet to wind the boost up and feel the difference at about 10psi but the whole engine just seems to breathe alot easier now.