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Alternatives to stock T3 exhaust elbow?

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  • Alternatives to stock T3 exhaust elbow?

    I'm putting a vg30et into an older Datsun and the firewall is not a barrier (will be fabricating all this. The stock exhaust elbow takes a quick 90-deg bend straight down, and the stock downpipe turns back to horizontal.

    My car could definetely accomodate a straighter shot, with all the "free" benefits of reduced exhaust restriction.

    The stock exhuast elbow is cast, and of course contains the internal wastegate/flapper. These are the two main barriers.

    Would welding up some heavy 3" tubing to a flange fit for the exhaust housing- then adding an external wastegate be possible, or am I missing something?

    I think the answer is "nobody's ever tried it because the stock setup is a good fit in the z31" - but I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to improve this part. (Like the many excellent and creative improvements I've seen over the factory "s" bend intake pipe.
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    I don't think anyone here will say stick with the stock downpipe and wastegate setup if you can afford to go otherwise. Many here do fab up their own downpipe and run an external wastegate. Yes it would work just fine. I'm assuming you have a stock t3 turbo on there, and if so you need to cover the old wastegate hole with something so you can still push boost.
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      Yeah, externalize your car man 8)

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        There is NO reason to keep the stock elbow if you have to room to put in something of your own design...that's one of the main restrictions in the stock exhaust system. I would make your own if I were you for sure...make sure you post up pics of your progress.

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          The only reason is for cheapness and simplicity; you would need to make a 7 bolt flange, figure out a wastegate and downpipe for anything else to bolt to the stock turbine housing.