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wanting to build build a vg33 to go in my 88t

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  • wanting to build build a vg33 to go in my 88t

    I hate it when people say pump gas.... theres 8 octane difference from bottom to top

    why not pick a specific octane based on your region and fual availability and just tune the car with it

    in other news, airplanes heard flying overhead, birds vent in frustration as giant winged killers roam loose

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    You don't need to get too crazy with your build; nissan makes a quality product. Many people opt out for some decent aftermarket pistons with around 8:1 compression. Get some decent cams. Have your rotating assembly balanced.

    Other than that you need to be more worried with (and endup spending more money on) your intercooler/turbo/fuel management to reach that horsepower
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