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    I have been spending alot of extra time mass producing items that I am using on a current project("project 88t"). One of those items is 6 point adjustable cam gears.
    I plan to add these to my online store when we update in the end of May and have over a dozen sets ready to roll....
    ~These sell for $130.00(free shipping within the US) & there is a refundable core charge of $30.00 upon recieving your original/useable cam gears.
    ^^Product features:
    *These will alow for 3,6,9 degrees of cam advance or retard.
    (most common to retard the cams 3-6 degrees for improved mid to high rpm performance on the VG30)
    *These come with complete pictorial documentation for installation along with supporting documentation of actual gains shown from tuning on a dyno.

    I am here to help...

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    It's about time someone started making those drilled type adjustable gears again. They are fairly inexpensive and very effective. Did you consider offering a 2/4/6 degree version as well?


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      I have alot of things I'm ready to go ahead with, I'm just short on time.
      I'm sure with a little adding, you can see why I'm panicing to get "project '88t" completed in time for the '06 ZCCA Texas show. I have been working alot on many little things to offer and work the project at the same time. I have come to a point to announce that there's more to come, but the project is the first priority as the deadline is fast approaching.
      If I fail to complete it on time, I may loose an arm or a leg.
      I am here to help...


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        Ill be calling you next week to order a set of those Dan.
        Just stand back and throw money.
        Performance costs money.
        Reliable performance costs more.


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          OR-Zman wrote: Ill be calling you next week to order a set of those Dan.
          **You'll have better luck with an e-mail or simply placing a "Dummy" order through the website. I prefer the website "dummy" method. Just pick any item and when filling in your personal'll see a "Comment" text box.
          Type what you really intend to purchase in this box. I'll e-mail to verify everything before processing it.
          I might seem hard to get ahold of for the next 4 weeks....I'm going to be doing body work/paint in the last bay. I'm also trying to stay away from the Pc so I can get more accomplished. (Yes, I know..I'm an addict and I have a problem) As it is...I already am working from 9am-3am 7 days a week until this '88t is completed for the texas show.(Just there's 2-3 hrs...sometimes more, involved with internet and e-mails a day).
          I am here to help...