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JDM engines?

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  • JDM engines?

    they can be a good source for low mileage engines

    I'd search Google and find some importers, and then see how much a JDM VG30 with say 40000 km on it would cost

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    ok, there "may" be vg30et variations however, I have bought and installed a JDM motor, only cause it was cheap and available. not sure what it came out of, had front sump, rwd auto trans, z31 intake manifold. i used only the bottom end of the motor, and used my w series heads. i noticed nothing really different on the block, oil dipstick was on passenger side and and the sump was on the front, but everything from my old engine bolted right on. so if you can find a motor local and cheap, go for it. no major reasons to go for jdm, imo

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      check lots of engines out there, no need to pay extra for "jdm"
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